First Catches

we are pleased to announce two bands that have signed up for the sheffield gig.

the first is a trio from
nottingham university comprising qisti, mozek and kamal, who have performed at the nottingham malaysia night early this year.

the other is
the murg masalam blues band.

they have been together (on and off, via the internet) for the past year. separated in three continents (north america, europe and asia), they hope to play a gig in KL in december of this year. and if the weather permits, they'd be coming to sheffield! check out their material here on i-bands.net.

UPDATE! another band into the fold. we now have wilkinson street's own nevermind the hazatsu from sheffield wanting in! keep 'em coming!


we have not formally decided on the rules and regulations of the gig as of yet. however, here are a few facts related to this gig:
  • this is not a battle of the bands. the gig is to showcase your talents, so NO PRESSURE!
  • we charge a fee for each band. in the past the fees for a UK gig organised by malaysians fell in the £25-30 ball park. so, we forecast that the fees would be within this range.
  • you MAY play in more than one band. however, try not to have each band member change instruments just so you can have a new band! we know how difficult it is to get a drummer, for instance, and we may see the same drummer in several bands, but that is fair enough. life's too short to be for us to be that uptight.
  • the sheffield gig is, at the moment, NOT affiliated with any malaysian student body in sheffield (until further notice).
spread the word.

email us now.

come and play at the sheffield gig!



we are organising a gig in march 2006.

we don't know who is playing.

we don't know when the gig will start.

we don't know how much the tickets would cost.

we don't really have an organising committee.

you come to this site and you wonder why is the site active if the organisers have no clue as to what will happen on march 18th?

this is how you can help us.

you have a band. or friends who play a couple of tunes with. or buddies that you go karaoke-ing with but all four of you decided to get rid of the cheapo mic and do it for real with some live music.

you will get a slot to impress your friends and other people. you get to use real guitar amps (real as opposed to wimpy 10-watters that are meant for the bedroom). you will be able to show that the song you wrote after your girlfriend / boyfriend dumped you is actually a top ten hit.

this is a gig that caters for all kinds of genres. death metal? bring your your spikes and shred that BC rich. R&B? get out your ladykiller gucci shades and woo the ladies. anything.

that is why we need you. tell us what you use. at the moment, we have enough amps for a guitar-based band. if you have keyboards or DJ turntables or even a full acoustic set, we may just have to look hard for other forms of backline. but we don't do symphony orchestras because we know all of us need to get real!

that is why we need you to tell us.

if you are interested in playing at the gig, drop us a line at thesheffieldgigATgmailDOTcom.

you know you wanna.