Register now!

following the encouraging response we received when we were handing out ads at the nottingham malaysian games a few weeks ago, it's time to formalise the registration for the gig.

we can only take a maximum of NINE bands. the registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis. the entrance fee for each band is £25. costs the same for a three-hour session at a rehearsal room you might say, but for 20 minutes of having screaming girls throwing their undergarments at you (if you are really optimistic -hoho) it's worth twenty five of your hard-earned smackers.

email us (slight technical problem for a direct download at the mo') by clicking on the yellow button on the left sidebar for an entrance form.


any questions that you have? we have an FAQ which you can check out. it'll be regularly updated if there are any further queries.