We got nine bands!

we are happy to announce that we have the full complement of nine bands coming to THE GIG @ sheffield.

they are:

ah lian hot pants
the monkey medics terel brigade
lighter fluid
from curry to kurma
nevermind the hazatsu

bantal kekabu
forbidden donut

much to our surprise, we have received emails and phone calls from other people wanting to play despite our announcement re: full house in our shoutbox last friday (january 21st). we apologise if the announcement placed in the box was too small for people to notice.

never fear - we do operate a waiting list for bands who really want to come and play, in the possible event of some bands wanting out. so, do email us and we'll keep you informed of any available slots.

as mentioned explicitly here, registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and under no circumstances, first-pay, first-served.


Another addition to the backline

we have hired a guitar amp, in addition to the pre-existing backline - the classic clean "JC" tones will be coming to The Gig! this 120-watt solidstate amp which revolutionised the clean guitar sound was developed by Roland in 1975 and still is going strong. its in-built chorus and reverb provides lush tones and this amp is also suitable for synths. used by artistes as diverse as albert king, kirk hammett and wes borland, it goes to show that the JC-120 is not only meant for the discerning jazz guitarist.

to check out the rest of the backline provided at The Gig much closer, please do so by clicking the icons on the site sidebar.