Post-mortem: The Sacred and The Inane

it has been a week already. we were thinking of doing a poll of some description, but then again, a pictorial survey was deemed a better idea. please do bear with the inanity, it's the sangapness creeping in, post-gig!

as you can see, fender (and squier) came up tops and ruled the roost. we had ten guys wielding these babies. from the hot-rodded chinese-made to the true blue american beauties, their tones rocked the gig.

there was a rag bag of guitar makes, otherwise. we had one for gibson, one for epiphone, one for ESP (horizon ooo!), three for yamaha (baitak's AES, kamal's APX3 and aboo's EG) , two for ibanez (check out xombie's SZ520QM specs), two for encore, one for stagg, two for crafter and one for tanglewood. we even had a line 6 variax! not too sure what shidi used though, although it looked like a BC rich mockingbird update: shidi used a maxine mockingbird copy. also, a takamine EG530SC would've made it in the gig if it wasn't for its dodgy electronics!

the TAMA swingstar kit was courtesy of farid from nevermind the hazatsu, fitted with remo clear pinstripe heads. the cymbals were hired, but additional crashes and stands were provided courtesy of kenny (forbidden donut) and fansuri (bantal kekabu).

Sound at The GIG
courtesy of waq and mark, as you all know. we figured 16 channels were used that evening (for the mics covering vocals, amps, drums and DI for the behringer bass amp head and terel brigade's guitars, as well as the two front HK wedge monitors). waq told us he used 1.8kW of power for us that evening (the full complement of 2.4kW would be enough for a venue holding 350 people). for vocals, all of us had the pleasure to use the industry's standard - the shure SM58.

if you really wanna know, the carpets (apart from the crappy blue one under the drumkit) were from here. hoho.


Anonymous kamal said...

the mics were bloody sensitive and clear. Loved it. Thanks sheffield gig!

28/3/06 20:22  
Blogger kudo said...

the RRP for an SM58 is about £125, but you can get it for like 70 quid here, and probably less on eBay. you can drop it and nothing goes wrong with it - built like a tank. bloody good investment, if you asked me!

29/3/06 00:58  
Blogger LuC L said...

I love that Chinese Made Hot Rodded Beauty!

Hidup Cina!

29/3/06 02:16  
Anonymous tukang nyanyi said...

or a more solid shure 55sh series II.. now THAT's a good mic.. but a bit low on the impedence, less pop.. so no proximity effect.. :)

29/3/06 14:22  
Blogger kudo said...

yes, dan.

so, that was the mic you used that evening then? :D

29/3/06 18:05  
Anonymous dan said...

haha.. kantoi ke? ye la.. i want some limelight too.. takkan gitar je dapat nama.. :)

31/3/06 21:52  
Anonymous Isketambola said...

Carpet dari Ikea woooo...hehe...

1/4/06 02:25  
Anonymous Lampu Limau said...

limelight = cahaya kapur / cahaya limau

6/4/06 04:37  

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