The gig that was: 2008

third year running, we had to endure a few organisational mishaps to run the show this time. the original date in march was scrapped due to the inavailability of the broomhall centre. we did look elsewhere, but in all honesty, nothing beats the broomhall centre in our books!

onwards, we had a dearth of sheffield-based malaysian bands. so much so, the conglomerate was borne out of ah lian and donut since the only difference was the drummer.

next up, lighter fluid had to cancel due to other commitments. we were rather upset as we really wanted them in this year's lineup. but, hey ho, we plundered on.

since no one wanted to fill up slot numero huit (was neuf initially), we called on the foundation that hujan would be able to play their entire set if they wanted. the reply was immediate, we were gobsmacked.

come the eve of the gig itself, we were informed that apocalypse kaw kaw had to pull out as their guitarist's car had broken down. all we need to hear next was that hujan was to cancel their set and we can kiss the gig goodbye.

but, alhamdulillah, in the face of adversity, things went rather well. we started half an hour later than expected and we had a shorter gig. things were more relaxed, sans bulging veins in one's head. and the crowd filled the balairaya as the years before. now, that was what we wanted!

and the pièce de résistance of the evening was simply mindblowing. we couldn't take that much credit apart from the fact we said "yeah, we'd love it if they can come play". all the hard work for bringing hujan to sheffield, and the other UK venues, was done by the kugiran hujan to UK foundation guys in caerdydd. here's to them!

we had a great time. we hope you did, too.


go here for gig pics. or to idlan's, izad's, e-one's and kudo's.

*UPDATE from the madgrapetv guys in bradford. check it out!*


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